【VUCA時代の独学戦術 達人と共に】山口周 × 本間正人 開催決定!3月10日 PM17〜

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Learning Joy


To share the joy of learning with everyone in the world.

Creative Right


We all have societal creative right to make this democracy world.



We broadcast, post bunch of information to make an opportunity readers could change.

No devide


There are various kind of divide in the world ex) economic background, opportunity to learn. We’d like to change those.


『VUCA時代の独学戦術 〜達人と共に〜』
山口周 × 本間正人 対談イベント 開催決定!
3月10日 17時〜18時30分 Zoom Online Event 開催!


 近著『自由になるための技術 リベラルアーツ』をはじめ、多くの独学法について発信されてきた独立研究家の山口周氏と、最新学習歴や学習学(Learnology)など従来的な教育学とは一線を画す概念を高唱される京都芸術大学 本間正人副学長の対談が実現!

Kan Hiroshi Suzuki Professor of Tokyo Univ.

Modern Education and Future Education

How can we chenge the modern education and how we can image the future education. We learned by Suzuki Professor in Tokyo Univerisity

Masanobu Takahama Rep Hanamaru School

In this Covid-19 epoch.
How should we learn and foster children?

Nowadays, there are is a big problem of pandemic.
But anytime, we have to learn everyday.
We learned from Takahama rep how we should live.

Ayaka Nirei Timeleap Co.

What is “Gift”?
How can we find it?

Everyone has a special gift. But how can we brush it up?



MI Theory and language

All people have their own optimal method.
Don’t obligate any kind of one-pattern education method.
We invited special guests for this event.

Trivial Thinking 〜 Not only acquire knowledge but ponder 〜

We wanna contemplate things in the world not only know.


What is Tokyo Tower

There were stories behind constructing Tokyo Tower.


What is 造船疑獄事件

造船疑獄事件 was a big event in Japanese history.


We could not travel

There was a temporary time we  could not go abroad.


High School Students consider about society

・Feel perspective of high school students
・Feel perspectives about SDGs of high school students

What is Learners High?

This section is an introduction of Learners High.

Learners High is . . . 


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