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World Education Picks 2020/5/21(Thu)

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Thank you for visiting this post. In this world education picks, what I thought “Wow! These three news should be announced in JP” are collected. Please enjoy your reading!

①UK universities facing £760m hit as one in five students plan to defer

British universities face a potential £760m blow to their funding after about one in five students said they would not enrol in the next academic year if classes were delivered online and other activities curtailed.

Miyabi’s Comment:Already, there are universities that decided they are gonna shut down the offline campuses during 2020-2021 and JP some universities have decided like that. But as this post suggests, we must make the hardship of world students more clear like how they are suffering and what the key factor of their difficulties and devise some practical solutions. In addition to that, we have to factor in the circumstance that more and more high school students will not be able to become undergraduate students this year compared to previous year unless this pandemic is stopped. This comment shows the indispensable & important fact ““The current wait-and-see approach from ministers is exacerbating the crisis for prospective students and putting tens of thousands of jobs at universities and in the wider economy at risk,” Grady said.”. Speaking of JP universities, lots of the JP private universities have maintained their revenue by the entrance exams, so provided that this pandemic term will continue, monetary weak universities that don’t have any other routes of receiving money will be in a situation they cannot be in this educational world.

This↓ post is related to this news.


②Post-Covid, internationalisation must be more flexible

It is generally agreed that an effective vaccine is still a while away, so health and safety considerations are likely to become key criteria for prospective students deciding on their host countries in the short to mid-term. 

populations in Asia generally accept the most severe lockdown and social distancing measures, whereas in Europe and the US a more flexible approach has generally been adopted. Such regional behavioural differences may start to affect students’ choices in the mid and long term, with Asian students, in particular, potentially preferring universities within their region.

Miyabi’s Comment:At first, universities are often not renewable in any situations. But now and this pandemic catastrophic environment, they cannot help changing their organizational outdated culture, constitutions, or any hing like that. Additionally, as this article says, internationalization is the very critical incentive for students who have been feeling their present commuting universities’ resolutions & correspondences against Covid-19 are not great. 


③Universities beware: shifting classes online so quickly is a double-edged sword

Online teaching needs more than just the basics. Lecturers need access to a computer that supports teaching software and a reliable internet connection. Meanwhile, for students, even basic hardware and software are far from guaranteed in many homes, as families share equipment and internet providers struggle with increased traffic.

There are also structural issues with internet privacy and security. Online teaching potentially exposes students to unreliable data protection laws in many countries. 

/ In the overnight dash to online teaching, they have also shown little caution in both contributing to profit-making of corporates and compromising data on servers universities themselves do not control. 

/ Recorded lectures simply replicate the passive learning environment of classrooms, and online seminars and tutorials fail to elicit meaningful student interaction.

Miyabi’s Comment:There are lots of downsides and merits of using the Internet online classes. But the biggest influence this pandemic has shown is that regardless of students’ residential areas, so-so educational experiences are guaranteed by universities in JP or other developed countries. So from now on it’s not crucial dimension where students live , where they came into being. Like Moocs and Minerva Schools at KGI, too, so high-quality online  classes may be delivered to all of people in the world soon.



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