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World Education 世界の教育に耳を傾けよう。6/3(Wed)

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①UK universities plan to create ‘social bubbles’ when campuses reopen

Under plans being discussed at a number of universities, students would mix only with others on certain courses and year groups to minimise the infection risk from coronavirus. On campus, students and staff would move around in a one-way system.


Speaking at a briefing outlining Universities UK’s guidelines for exiting lockdown, its chair, Julia Buckingham, the vice-chancellor of Brunel University, said universities would not shift wholly online but planned to offer students a “blended” education, combining some online lectures with smaller face-to-face tutorials. At her university, the proportion of online learning will vary in line with government guidance on physical distancing.

Comment:The most important thing that we related “education” should factor in is that students cannot predict where and when the pandemic will expand from now on, and the relief of them will be a so indispensable consequence that we should guarantee for them as soon as possible. Although it may be a financial matter or statements as to physical distance or anything like those, we must implement lots of tasks we could do from just now. Finally, we should justify the lives’ stories of the students who concern about what they cannot experience their usual undergraduate students’ lives. 


Packed lecture halls won’t return soon, but students can still go to university

The UK’s universities haven’t gone anywhere – we are still teaching, supporting students remaining on campus, and running essential research projects, including to help us beat Covid-19. Universities are also starting to be ready to share more on their thinking about what next term will look like – and for most it will be a blended teaching approach: in-person when it can be done safely for both students and staff, with interactive online alternatives also available.

Comment:This below sentence is greatly wonderful in this article “We fully understand, however, that the university experience is not just about learning through lectures and other classes. We are doing all we can to ensure that students feel part of a community of learners in which they can share ideas, make connections, build networks and make lifelong friends. “. We should take into account that teams like universiities’ staffs which have a strong bond with their students are more flexible and corporative than those who are not like that. So the dexterity of making solidarity is a key point in this pandemic term.


We must seize the chance to enhance internationalization in higher education

As the president of a university where ‘crossing borders is in our DNA’, Fernando León Garcia urges institutions to ensure that new e-mobility programmes are more than just a pale reflection of study abroad

Comment:Yap. This is a very chance to incorporate an international system to the world of higher education. And then, one of the most necessary thoughts is that establishing the e-mobility system will not be difficult or like a hardship for the facilities and organizations of higher education because there are various kinds of ways to improve their mobile environment or surroundings like using an application of Google, etc. So we have only to decide and believe only that we will be able to implement the challenge by way of the Internet system so easily. The way is just in front of our views.



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